Many of us women LOVE our long locks & most are deathly afraid to get even the slightest trim- you know who you are. Now, don’t fret ladies- I’m not here to talk to you into cutting anything- I promise. I am however going to encourage to give yourself a little ‘boost’. Stop letting that long hair just hang down- we all want to see that pretty face!

Good news though- there is SO much that can be done! First, if it’s been a while since you’ve ‘spruced’ it up a bit- maybe try some easy fixes. How about some new layering? A new type of fringe? Or if you’re really that afraid of being a ‘cutter’- how about just trying a modified part? Switch it to the middle…no, not the severe, not-so-attractive part we all had in middle school (shudder)…I’m talking about something a little more glam. Take a look at some of these Hollywood favorites that did this simple trick & look at the change. (see left & right sidebars)Talk about a WOW factor! Not that these women aren’t beautiful with any style- but notice what an openness softness, just changing the part, adds to their look!

Do I have you convinced yet? If you’re still not loving the above ideas- then, maybe we should veer you toward up-do’s! The current trends show simple, yet super stylish works of art. And, good news is- you’ll only have to commit until you take it down :) The other great news: you can find tons of “how-to” info! Whether you find it in a magazine, the internet or even come into the salon for lesson- the possibilities are endless and sure to have you glammed up in no time! Take a look below for some fabulous up-do ideas that any of use could easily master!

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