Have you ever walked up to your favorite night spot & suddenly you are faced with a very long line? And then, as you stand there- a group walks by you & they are able to walk right in! Annoying, right? No matter what you say- everyone likes to be a VIP; at least every once and a while. Well, here at Salon Inga’ we have created a fast pass straight the front. It’s sure to make our guests feel Über special every time they’re here. We adopted the plan from our favorite ‘skin God’ friends at Repêchage and thus our VIP Membership was launched. Some of our friends have been passing along the word & this week our grande plan was featured in salontoday.com

See what we have to say about this awesome program. I dare you to resist wanting one! (Or if you have a business yourself- jump on the VIP train! You can never say thank you enough to your guests!)

So, get with the In Crowd ? Happy Weekend!

Read the full article here! Salon Inga’ featured in salontoday.com