Happy Friday! It has been a LONG time friends! We apologize for being terrible bloggers and promise to come back in full force! As we sat down to write our come back- we thought about what we’d been doing during our blog hiatus. Therefore, we have decided to show you. Also to prove that we’re not complete slackers! Here’s a throwback from this past Winter (that we’re not entirely out of). While we may not have been blogging it up through our own site- we were still taking part in cyber land. We did share this via our Facebook page as well- but in case you missed it…check out the below. Stay tuned for additional “throwbacks” and more importantly NEW posts WEEKLY! Feels good to be back- hope you’ll welcome us :)

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As I write this, I am thinking how to save my own face because this is a way over-due contribute. (Sorry Kel) and sorry for those of you that have been thinking about your Winter faces & what to do next?

Well, fret not my friends. I am here to the rescue. Even as a Florida girl, I have to switch up my skin regimen for our severe 5 degree drop. :)  So whether you’re about to freeze your little nose off or are just pulling out the occasional long-sleeved T- this guide will be a great go-to for the months to come. Here’s some at home care that you can find in your cabinets AND some of my instant gratification products recs.

  • First thing’s first!  Take inventory on what you’re currently using. This little Winter switch shouldn’t mean a whole new line of products. One or two should be the max. Starting with your cleanser; after you cleanse- are you left feeling super tight and dry? If so, this may be a good place to start. Consider opting for a creamier cleanser for the Fall/Winter months. You should feel cleansed but refreshed too, not stripped. If you are in an overly chilly climate where that dry, red skin ends up being a little sensitive- try a sensitive skin option as well. My instant go-to is Repechage Hydra 4 Cleanser.
  • Next, make sure you’re using a toner, astringent, etc. If not- get one ASAP. Especially during these drier months- we want to make skin returns to it’s normal pH & that you’re “sealing” (for lack of better words) it back up. This will also create instant relief and some can even be used during the day over your make-up for a midday refresh.  If  you want that midday option, Algo Mist is amazing.
  • And finally, the most frequent Q4 swap out- is the Night Cream! This is a great time to indulge in that night cream you’re always wondering if you should buy. The answer, especially this time of year, is YES. As I mentioned in my original “Saving Face” post– While we’re asleep, our body and skin is doing most of its healing time. Go for the gold here even if you don’t swap anything else out. This will give you immediate results while you’re resting your pretty, little head.  I am obviously a Repechage junkie (some night cream options, and for good reason) but I stumbled across this article a while back and thought it was kind of fun. What’s the Perfect Night Treatment for Your Skin? And of course, if you have a product line you’re already using & loving- ask for a recommendation within that line.

    Lastly, for a fun little bonus. I don’t know if it aggravates anyone else, but dry lips are not welcome, especially when we’re trying to get all dolled up for these holiday parties. Let’s say no to chapped lips but let’s keep it simple. Try to avoid medicated chapsticks for daily use. These tend to make our lips think we need it, thus creating a habit and instant dryness when we don’t use them. Stick to more natural options or just straight Vitamin E. And if you’re feeling crafty- here’s a fun and easy how-to to make your own….and you can even TINT IT!! Yay :)

    • Take a small saucepan, whisk or fork, 4 Tbsps of oil or 5 if you want a less firm balm. You can use almond oil (extra moisturizing), jojoba oil, peppermint oil or a castor based oil (for extra shine), 1 Tbsp of beeswax and 2 tsps of honey. Optional: a chunk of lipstick for color (use a lipstick that’s almost gone) and a container: either an old mint tin or an old tube of lipstick. Any small container with a top will do.
    • Place saucepan over low heat, add the oil, beeswax and honey and let it sit just until the beeswax melts.Remove the pan from the heat and add the chunk of lipstick (this step is optional).Whisk the ingredients together for 45 seconds or until the mixture seems completely ready. The consistency should be like a thick frosting. Pour the mixture into its container, cap it and let it sit for a couple of hours. Voila!

    May your days (and your skin) be Merry and Bright!

    …Tanja :)