Question: Why do we do, what we do?

Answer: Quite simply- because we love it!

Do you ever really take a moment and think about what you do on a daily basis? And if/when you do- are you happy about those thoughts? We hope so. We recently took one of those moments and could not be happier!

Some of you may already know that on Tuesday afternoons we take time out for training and meetings. A couple of weeks ago we had our final meeting of the year. During the Holiday season we like to make sure we’re open the extra evening. Anyway, during this meeting, as we did a recap on 2011 (can you believe it?!), we talked about how each of us got to and chose this career. It was such a refreshing moment that we all relished in!

We know that we may be a smaller group, but I think many will agree- we are a fierce one at that! Yes, we all have our days- but at the end of it all- there is not 1 of us that does not want to be here. And again, quite simply- because we love it! The opportunity to make our guests feel good and look good is indescribable. We often wish there were more ways to say thank you but we hope we do okay along the way. Just make sure you take us up on all of our “we love you” gifts!

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

*Quarterly Customer Appreciation Days-20% OFF all retail!

*$20 Referral Thank you for each guest you send

*$10 “Facebucks” for becoming a Fan and exclusive Facebook offers

*5% off services when you check-in via FB or Foursquare

*10% off retail when bringing in your Coiffeur Inga’ canvas bag- ask us how to get one!

*$10/$15 off for 2nd and 3rd visits

*50% OFF any service you’ve never experienced in the salon- through end of year!

****and much, much more along the way! xoxoxo :)