As creative people we are constantly looking for ways to show off our artistic side. In the salon, we do it through our work but what about when we’re out & about? Recently we took a look at our website & decided that while we feel creative- we would like our look to match! After all, we’re constantly asking our guests what image they would like to portray; why should we be any different? (Insert Jacqui here!) A couple of months ago we were lucky enough to meet another creative mind and thus a perfect partnership was born. Jacqui, of Jacqui Cole Photography is a lovely photographer that’s relatively new to the Tampa Bay area. While originally from England, she recently moved here from Chicago and brings in the perfect city style we were looking for. Her niche is typically in the wedding realm; which we loved! Here at Salon Inga’ we are a smaller team united with a strong love. A love for our passion & craft. We feed this craft by constantly immersing ourselves in education and putting our guests first! We want this love to ooze out of us so that everyone can see just how much it means to us. Knowing that we can help make someones day is what gets us up in the morning. So you see- we needed someone that would help capture the love! :) It was an instant ‘know’ with Jacqui and we appreciate her & her work so much! She was able to capture everything we looked for. Stylish, playful and of course our love for each other & what we do. Thank you Jacqui for taking on this bunch! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. This picture is just a sneak peak of what’s to come- stay tuned for more throughout our website. And in the mean time, check out more of this lovely lady’s work :)