In the salon industry, hair stylists are constantly trying to discover new ways to color hair and bring fresh ideas into the salon. There is a new color technique that has done just that. It’s called the Ombre’, and it literally means graduation in French. In this instance, refering to a dark-to-light fade of color that is used in the technique. Ombre’ can be done very subtle or dramatic, depending on what you are looking for. Either way, the shot of lightness that is painted from the mid-shaft of the hair to the ends gives the strands a natural, ‘lightened under-the-sun’ look.

Once brought to our attention we were all pretty excited to start using it in the salon. I especially couldn’t wait to get this look for myself! Tanja Handing did the color application for me and I have been sporting the Ombre’ for about two weeks now and I am so happy with my new color & obviously quite excited to be telling everyone about it! I have been getting so many compliments on my hair. I was having lunch with a friend and even had someone walk by and say “Hey, nice Ombre’”. :) Feel free to stop by and check out my new look and set up a free consultation for a fresh, yet, low-maintenance hair color!

Check out some of these Ombre’ looks on some your favorite celebs!