Recently, we had a running hose fixed at one of the shampoo bowls. When it was fixed- we asked that our handy man, “Honey Do Dave,” check the remaining sinks and any other plumbing to insure that there were no other leaks.

Upon all of this happening, we started talking about how we as a Hair Salon naturally use up a lot of water and about the fact that we need to stay on top of things like this to make sure there’s as little misuse as possible. With this- we thought about what else we could do to “STAY GREEN.”One thing I do not like to do is waste! The team and I brought to surface many things we’ve been doing all along- many without even realizing it. :)

And so we’d like to share & of course thank you in your efforts to help us along the way!

-Ceramic Coffee Cups/Saucers instead of Paper/Styrofoam Cups

-Cloth Hand Towels in the restroom instead of Paper Towels

-Paper/Canvas Retail Bags instead of Plastic (save 10% on retail if you bring in your canvas bag)

-Reusable Color Mask Jars instead of Disposable Sample Cups (bring back to refill & save $1 on Color Mask)

-Up-to-date Service Menus online ( ) as opposed to Printed out

-Hair donated to local farms for fertilizer *last year donated for Oil Spill

-All magazines are donated to a local retirement home

-Newspaper, Cardboard, Aluminum, Plastic, Glass & Styrofoam containers are picked up for recycling

-Both sides of printer paper (for daily tickets) are used prior to discarding

-Eufora Recycled Product Bottles & Biodegradable Product Ingredients

-Utilize one of the markets safest Aerosol Hair Sprays

*Eufora’s Elevate Finishing Spray has an Ozone Impact Potential of 0.00, making it on the cleanest aerosols on the market. It meets strict environmental standards with a new propellant that dissipates when introduced to light.

We’ve also decided to join the “Go Green Initiative”  -a program initially brought about in schools. With the current mission to: “provide schools, homes, businesses and organizations of all kinds with the tools and training they need to create a “culture of conservation” within their community.” Their goals are to conserve and protect natural resources for future generations, and to protect human health through environmental stewardship.

We encourage everyone to help out however they can & of course, welcome suggestions for anything else you think we can do too!

***We’d like to send a special thank you to “Honey Do Dave” (David Graves) for all of his ‘handy’ help in making our salon look great & run smoothly! If you’re looking for some “Honey Do List” help- please contact him at (813) 810-9241