Beta X-cellent!

//Beta X-cellent!

Beta X-cellent!

Sometimes the girls in the salon tease me because if there’s ever a ‘new trend’ or ‘special treatment;’ I’m often quite skeptical at the beginning & I have to take the time to do my own research. Well, the Beta X is one treatment that I researched, tried & fallen in love with!

I had been dealing with some onset adult acne (which is never fun) for about a year. It would maybe calm down in between but I had also developed some bad ‘picking’ habits (gross) 🙁 Needless to say, my skin was in need of some help! I had scarring, enlarged pores, & of course, the oh-so-fun breakouts in between. I knew I didn’t want to take any sort of medication for it but I had to get rid of this problem- what to do?

I had heard about the Beta X treatment from our Salon Aestheticians & was intrigued when I kept hearing people rave about it. And so it began…

It’s recommended that you do a series depending on your skin & what results you’re looking for. And within each series, there are 1-3 ‘passes’ of the treatment that are part of the process- again, the number depends on the individual. With me, I noticed a HUGE difference even with the first treatment. And it was AWESOME! I did go through a week of peeling and after that a week of minor breakout (but that didn’t phase me since that was the initial problem) but by week 3- phew! The short-term sacrifice ( if you would even call it that) was totally worth the long-term result! My skin was left radiant, glowing & most importantly- healthy! My boyfriend even commented on my pretty skin. And you know how hard it can be for man to notice these things 😉

With the results I saw in the first series, I couldn’t wait to get the second under way. I really just can’t express what these treatments have done…I have no scarring, my pores are tightened & I have had NO bouts of acne! I definitely recommend these treatments. It’s great if you have some of the same problems I had, or maybe want to hide some of those fine lines or age spots. Even if you just want a ‘freshener’- this is a must try!

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