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Style Me Pretty! Well, don’t mind if we do!

Proud to announce our feature in Style Me Pretty today! Take a peak at a Rustic Chic Tampa Wedding Beautifully captured & photographed by the lovely Jacqui Cole! Makes our Friday all that more grand as we get to reminisce in this perfect day that we were so lucky to be a part of! ENJOY!!!
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Up, Up & Away!

Whether you’ve got something fun & fancy to do or just want to get it out of your face- this ‘do is perfect! Check out this tutorial & get wedding, music fest or just hot weather ready! Enjoy!!    
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They call it a COME BACK!

This come back is for many reasons! 1) We’ve been terrible bloggers (which unfortunately we’ve apologized for before- EEK) and 2) Because we’re SO excited about the most recent add to our team- it literally makes us want to dance!!! We’re confident you’ll feel the same. For now, enjoy this little snippet brought you from our […]
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The Perfect Photo Op :)

As creative people we are constantly looking for ways to show off our artistic side. In the salon, we do it through our work but what about when we’re out & about? Recently we took a look at our website & decided that while we feel creative- we would like our look to match! […]
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VIP Entrance- this way please :)

Have you ever walked up to your favorite night spot & suddenly you are faced with a very long line? And then, as you stand there- a group walks by you & they are able to walk right in! Annoying, right? No matter what you say- everyone likes to be a VIP; at least […]
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While the winds are still chilly…

Happy Friday! It has been a LONG time friends! We apologize for being terrible bloggers and promise to come back in full force! As we sat down to write our come back- we thought about what we’d been doing during our blog hiatus. Therefore, we have decided to show you. Also to prove that […]
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Baby, I like it!

Question: Why do we do, what we do? Answer: Quite simply- because we love it! Do you ever really take a moment and think about what you do on a daily basis? And if/when you do- are you happy about those thoughts? We hope so. We recently took one of those moments and could not be […]
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Why the long face?

Many of us women LOVE our long locks & most are deathly afraid to get even the slightest trim- you know who you are. Now, don’t fret ladies- I’m not here to talk to you into cutting anything- I promise. I am however going to encourage to give yourself a little ‘boost’. Stop letting that long […]
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A+ Haircolor Advice

Not long ago I read an article about “at home haircolor.” Naturally, being in the profession- I got a little defensive. But then I noticed that the person giving the “advice” and “how-to” is a colorist in NYC. So I thought I would remove myself from my professional position and see what she […]
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Good Gossip

                                                           BEFORE                                               DURING               AFTER Check out what Tampa Bay’s “Gossip Girl” is saying about US! A few months ago we had the pleasure of helping Courtney Kuhn acheive a new look with some new locks- courtesy of Victoria Fernandez & Great Lengths Hair Extensions. Check out her blog & see what she had to say about it! http://tampa.cbslocal.com/2011/02/01/i-love-my-%e2%80%9cnew%e2%80%9d-hair/ And […]
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