Small scissors for big action.

Tesourinha means “small scissors” and is a project that was founded by Ivan Stringhi in 1992 in the slums of Sao Paulo. “Education for Life” now supports this initiative, in order to expand the work to other areas of Sao Paulo and further Brazilian states. More than 17,000 trainees in hairdressing work already, 38 instructors are involved in this project.

April 2010 Press Release |

The pilot project of good deed.

“Education for Life” started in Brazil in 2004. The “Casa Do Menor” is located in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Each year, 80 young people are trained in the basics of hairdressing. The aim: give young people a professional perspective, in order for them to earn their own life, free from crime and drugs. Still, the rate of unemployment in certain areas is close to 27%. “Casa Do Menor” is a great chance – in the past four years 90% of the trainees have found a job.


Worldwide Charity Power.

“Education for Life” stands for future. A way out of the slums. Help for subsistence to young people. Intercoiffure Mondial has launched a training project with the support of Wella and L’Oréal, in order to start a relief programme thanks to the strength of action of its organization. “We consider it our duty to encourage young people and give them prospects for the future” says Klaus Peter Ochs, President Intercoiffure Mondial. Since 2004, six hairdressing schools have been opened and there are more to come – beauty of the good.