Say Cheese!

          There are many things that we do in our industry to keep us polished, inspired and educated. One of my favorite ways to do this is through photo shoots. It’s a great way to stay motivated and gets your mind rolling with lots of ideas! This last Spring, I was invited by another Intercoiffure salon […]
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A+ Haircolor Advice

Not long ago I read an article about “at home haircolor.” Naturally, being in the profession- I got a little defensive. But then I noticed that the person giving the “advice” and “how-to” is a colorist in NYC. So I thought I would remove myself from my professional position and see what she […]
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Technologically AMAZED!

Many times we as a team try taking “Education Vacations” together. It’s a way to bond with each other and yet, still get some work done. But there are times in between when only parts of the group can go…This year, for instance, Inge and Tanja were the lucky ones that got to attend […]
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Beta X-cellent!

Sometimes the girls in the salon tease me because if there’s ever a ‘new trend’ or ‘special treatment;’ I’m often quite skeptical at the beginning & I have to take the time to do my own research. Well, the Beta X is one treatment that I researched, tried & fallen in love with! I had […]
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Express Yourself…

…with Fabulous Hair & Natural Keratin! I am very  excited about our hottest, new salon treatment- Keratin Express Blowout! It gives me, as a hairdresser, the great opportunity to give my clients healthier, shinier and smoother hair. And, IN JUST AN HOUR! If you know anything about the Keratin Complex Treatment in its entirety- you’ll appreciate this quick […]
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Good Gossip

                                                           BEFORE                                               DURING               AFTER Check out what Tampa Bay’s “Gossip Girl” is saying about US! A few months ago we had the pleasure of helping Courtney Kuhn acheive a new look with some new locks- courtesy of Victoria Fernandez & Great Lengths Hair Extensions. Check out her blog & see what she had to say about it! And […]
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Thank You for Making Me Love My Job!

Here at the salon we try our best to say “Thank You” as often as we can to our guests. However, in this instance, I wanted to pay a little more attention to a guest I’ve had the privledge of knowing for quite some time now. Betsy Gallagher 🙂 Thank you Betsy for your the […]
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It’s not really about the hair…well, not all of it anyway.

  Last month I had a really neat opportunity and got to shake hands with one of the beauty industries most ‘feisty’ bosses- Tabatha Coffey. You might know her from her hit series on Bravo –Tabatha’s Salon Takeover. The meeting was at a signing for her book- It’s Not Really About the Hair. This to me is […]
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When it’s Good for the Spirit…

Frequently we like to invite in special guests whether it be a Writer, an Educator, a Jewelry Maker etc… we do this so that our guests can enjoy something a little extra when they come in for their visits. We also appreciate the local entrepreneur and encourage growth in their businesses.  In collaboration with this […]
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New & Improved!

SO excited for the NEW & IMPROVED website! Hello All! We’ve been anxiously anticipating the “live date” of our new website & are so excited it’s finally here! We hope that our site provides with you anything you may want to know about our salon. We wanted to make sure it was user and information friendly; as […]
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