Style Me Pretty! Well, don’t mind if we do!

Proud to announce our feature in Style Me Pretty today! Take a peak at a Rustic Chic Tampa Wedding Beautifully captured & photographed by the lovely Jacqui Cole! Makes our Friday all that more grand as we get to reminisce in this perfect day that we were so lucky to be a part of! ENJOY!!!
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Up, Up & Away!

Whether you’ve got something fun & fancy to do or just want to get it out of your face- this ‘do is perfect! Check out this tutorial & get wedding, music fest or just hot weather ready! Enjoy!!
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They call it a COME BACK!

This come back is for many reasons! 1) We’ve been terrible bloggers (which unfortunately we’ve apologized for before- EEK) and 2) Because we’re SO excited about the most recent add to our team- it literally makes us want to dance!!! We’re confident you’ll feel the same. For now, enjoy this little snippet brought you from our […]
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The Perfect Photo Op :)

As creative people we are constantly looking for ways to show off our artistic side. In the salon, we do it through our work but what about when we’re out & about? Recently we took a look at our website & decided that while we feel creative- we would like our look to match! […]
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VIP Entrance- this way please :)

Have you ever walked up to your favorite night spot & suddenly you are faced with a very long line? And then, as you stand there- a group walks by you & they are able to walk right in! Annoying, right? No matter what you say- everyone likes to be a VIP; at least […]
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While the winds are still chilly…

Happy Friday! It has been a LONG time friends! We apologize for being terrible bloggers and promise to come back in full force! As we sat down to write our come back- we thought about what we’d been doing during our blog hiatus. Therefore, we have decided to show you. Also to prove that […]
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Baby, I like it!

Question: Why do we do, what we do? Answer: Quite simply- because we love it! Do you ever really take a moment and think about what you do on a daily basis? And if/when you do- are you happy about those thoughts? We hope so. We recently took one of those moments and could not be […]
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Why the long face?

Many of us women LOVE our long locks & most are deathly afraid to get even the slightest trim- you know who you are. Now, don’t fret ladies- I’m not here to talk to you into cutting anything- I promise. I am however going to encourage to give yourself a little ‘boost’. Stop letting that long […]
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” Hey, Nice Ombre’ “

In the salon industry, hair stylists are constantly trying to discover new ways to color hair and bring fresh ideas into the salon. There is a new color technique that has done just that. It’s called the Ombre’, and it literally means graduation in French. In this instance, refering to a dark-to-light fade of color that is used […]
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Eat. Sleep. Recycle. Repeat.

Recently, we had a running hose fixed at one of the shampoo bowls. When it was fixed- we asked that our handy man, “Honey Do Dave,” check the remaining sinks and any other plumbing to insure that there were no other leaks. Upon all of this happening, we started talking about how we as a […]
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